Better with friends – Benefits of working out with others (guest blogger – Kaylee)

Hi, Team! This post comes to you from Kaylee who teamed up with Woodside to create this awesome infographic centered on a healthier you! I think they have some great tips and ideas, so naturally, I couldn’t wait to share the infographic with you. Take it away, Kaylee – Enjoy!     Everyone wants to be as healthy and strong as they can be—from day to day and year to year. But finding the time and energy, as well as the motivation, to do that can be a struggle. But there’s a widely available and immensely enjoyable method to combat that struggle: group workouts. The thing about getting healthy is, it’s easier to do with other people. That includes eating well and getting to the gym. When you workout with others, their fitness level can inspire you to improve yours, too. And when you take a class that’s led by […]

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