23 Proven Routines and Philosophies For the Best Version of Me

23 Proven Routines and Philosophies For the Best Version of Me #goals #routines #improvement #personaldevelopment

What would you have to do to discover the best version of yourself? Not just the fittest, the smartest, or the most socially responsible you – I’m talking about the total package… The best YOU. All-around. To unleash your fullest potential, you would need to design an incredibly healthy lifestyle prioritizing just the right amount of happiness, fitness, success, and freedom.   Over the last decade, I’ve been experimenting with different routines and philosophies to do just that – design a healthy lifestyle to unleash the best me   In this decade of experimentation (ages 22 – 32), I’ve lost 65 pounds and kept them off, started a business with my wife that provides for our family and the families of our employees, hiked the entirety of the most naturally diverse rainforest on earth (with 2 great buddies) in pursuit of my Master’s degree, became a father (twice over now […]

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19 Breakthrough ways proven to increase testosterone naturally (guest blogger – Paul)

Hi, Team! I am thrilled to bring you the below article and infographic from Paul over at DNA lean! Last time, Paul covered different methods to help boost your weight-loss, but today he’s tackling the all-important testosterone levels. If you’re missing a little of the old spark, or if you’re just gathering some info for future days… Paul has you covered. I enjoyed having him back on the site and I hope you will too! Thanks for reading! -Mike   How to increase testosterone Testosterone is the hormone that literally separates the men from the boys, in fact during puberty, it is the increase in the hormone testosterone that is largely responsible for the transition of a boy into a man. Science has demonstrated that a high testosterone level can boost athletic performance, increase muscle mass/muscle tone, heighten libido and confidence amongst other desirable benefits. It is therefore of no coincidence […]

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