MikedUp Blog’s 7 best posts of 2016

Well… that happened quickly.   We’re 70 posts and 9 months into MikedUp Blog’s young history and it’s hard not to reflect back with excitement at the progress.   After our first year-ish I started thinking about doing a best-of post, so naturally, I pitched the idea to Monica.   “The top 10 posts of 2016,” is where I started.   “How many posts have you done? 10 seems like a lot. I do think it’s a good idea, though.”   Constructive feedback – and focus group green light – in hand, I set out to pare it back but still give a solid recap.   The criteria   Here’s where we get imaginative.   It would be both boring and a cop-out to just pick the most read posts. Although those will have their place, I’ve also added some less prolific articles that still deserve a top spot.   […]

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