What should I do with my credit cards? (Mailbag)

Hello Team,   This week we have another ‘Mailbag’ edition. For those not familiar: the questions I receive that either can’t be answered in a short tweet, with a quick text or if the question may be helpful to more than just the (question) poser – I’ll share my answer as a post. I hope you find this one enjoyable and helpful.   Best,   -Mike     Good Afternoon,   Mike, first off, love the blog.  My question came after reading your recent article about credit cards and rewards. I wanted to know what you thought is a good or reasonable amount of credit cards to have? Also, what do you think about adding new cards and canceling other cards? Or just having cards that you don’t use a lot? I’ll give you an example I have had a (1)capital one credit card: for about 2 years. that I don’t use often […]

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