How to make room in your monthly budget for investing if you lack the capital (guest blogger – Andrew)

Hi Team,   Today we’re lucky to have with us Andrew from SlickBucks – where you can find some great posts about investing, saving, and building wealth. In this post, he covers some solid options for investing if you lack the capital. Be sure to let him know what you think in the comments section and check out some other posts he’s written for his site. As always, thanks for being here!   -Mike     If you’re young, broke, or young and broke, you’re probably tired of hearing the maxim “it takes money to make money”. What are the rest of us supposed to do, then? Living paycheck to paycheck isn’t a sustainable way of life, so you need to find investment strategies that will work even if you don’t have much capital. The Mindset: Goals and Saving It’s hard to start investing, but you should start by thinking of what kind of […]

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