I Found True Happiness on the Far Side of the World

Finding True Happiness On The Far Side of the World #Joy #Happiness

It was “go outside and start sweating instantly” hot with 100% humidity.   We had finally made it to a suitable campsite at about 4:00pm and I was quickly running out of water. The 4 liters I had packed in the morning were all bone dry, save for a few drops in one of my bottles.   The rum was still half full though… But that wasn’t going to do my dehydration much good. I glanced at my two friends, both dropping their packs and seemingly exhausted. We were the only 3 humans within 50 miles on the uncivilized edge of a Costa Rican rainforest. Ocean to our west and deadly rainforest to our east. The options were few.   I knew we had to take care of a few priorities. Quickly. Darkness was coming and we needed to set up our tents, start a fire, and find water. All […]

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Charting the uncharted – one of earth’s most naturally beautiful and dangerous rainforests

At the ripe age of 22 (when you think you know everything then eventually hit 30 and realize you didn’t know anything – I hear this cycle continues) I was blessed with the experience of a lifetime… I just didn’t realize its impact and importance in my life until recently (I’m 32).     Winter – 2007 in Kent, Ohio:   Cold. Snow. Clouds. Meteorology isn’t the most difficult task during Northeastern Ohio winters. And for a guy like me (I enjoy the beach and warm weather), all this time indoors affords one an opportunity to think about their future and, more importantly, what they want out of life.   Me? I wanted warmer weather. And because neither the economy nor my professional connection list was too hot at the time, grad school seemed like the place to gain some knowledge and buy some time for things to pick back up.   I […]

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