23 Proven Routines and Philosophies For the Best Version of Me

23 Proven Routines and Philosophies For the Best Version of Me #goals #routines #improvement #personaldevelopment

What would you have to do to discover the best version of yourself? Not just the fittest, the smartest, or the most socially responsible you – I’m talking about the total package… The best YOU. All-around. To unleash your fullest potential, you would need to design an incredibly healthy lifestyle prioritizing just the right amount of happiness, fitness, success, and freedom.   Over the last decade, I’ve been experimenting with different routines and philosophies to do just that – design a healthy lifestyle to unleash the best me   In this decade of experimentation (ages 22 – 32), I’ve lost 65 pounds and kept them off, started a business with my wife that provides for our family and the families of our employees, hiked the entirety of the most naturally diverse rainforest on earth (with 2 great buddies) in pursuit of my Master’s degree, became a father (twice over now […]

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Reviewing the New Release – “Financial Freedom” by Grant Sabatier

  This post is part 8 in Rockstar Finance’s latest “Traveling Book Review” where different bloggers each raise their hand to review a chapter in an upcoming book – this time: Financial Freedom. The idea is to start with the blogger reviewing Chapter 1 (Money is Freedom, in this case) and progress through to the end (Living a Richer Life – Chapter 14) – in order to get a good feel for what to expect in the new book.   This installment of the Traveling Book Review is centered around Grant Sabatier’s Financial Freedom: A Proven Path to All the Money You Will Ever Need.     Here’s a Financial Freedom chapter list to kick us off:   1- Money is Freedom 2- Time is More Valuable than Money 3- What is Your Number? 4- Where are you Now? 5- Next-Level Money 6- Is it Worth it? 7- The Only Budget […]

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5 Articles That I Absolutely Loved Last Month

5 Articles I Absolutely Loved Last Month #roundup #personalfinance #personaldevelopment #family #retirement

This post is a guest curation for Rockstar Finance, the leader in selecting and sharing the best personal finance content. To get the top money posts delivered straight to your inbox every weekday, subscribe to the Rockstar Finance newsletter.   (Photo courtesy of MKulp Photography)     “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body” -Richard Steele   Alright, Team – Since the blog has seen some pretty awesome growth in August, a few pretty crazy things have been happening: I’ve been hearing from more readers through emails, blog comments, and social media messages about the posts themselves (which is awesome, by the way – thank you!), I have seen more doors open up to me that would’ve otherwise not been there (thank you again!), and I have been interacting with so many more bloggers in the personal finance community and beyond (thanks thirdly…?)!   And it’s that […]

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10 Rich Habits to Improve Your Life

10 Rich Habits to Improve Your Life #wealth #personalfinance #personaldevelopment #financialgoals #richlife

Hi, Team! When I introduce a guest blogger on the site, I always say that I’m thrilled to feature the author, that I took great information from the post, and that I can’t wait for you to read it. And that is 100% true. If I didn’t love a guest post, it won’t get published. Period. So I will say all of those things about this post and this author. And I will also tell you that the below post about rich habits is incredibly insightful and can have a significant positive impact in your life. But I’m not stopping there This post was written by ESI from ESI Money, a blog about achieving financial independence through earning, saving, and investing (ESI). It’s written by an early 50’s retiree who achieved financial independence, shares what’s worked for him, and details how others can implement those successes in their lives. He is also […]

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