He walks to work every day for 4 years and I’m curious

He walks to work every day for 4 years and I'm curious

Hi, Team!   What’s below is a unique exchange between two bloggers. Scott (at Making Momentum), is a blogger I’ve come to know, respect, and learn A TON from recently. His weekly Saturday Round-Up posts may be the best I’ve seen and his combination of personal finance, fitness, and overall self-improvement posts are right up my alley.   Given the info above, I’m pretty glued to his site these days, and when his recent post about him walking to work every day for 4 years was published I was all-in! Probably equal parts respect, jealousy, and sheer wonder had my mind spinning while reading through his post.   He did a great job explaining the benefits of walking compared with driving or public transit, but the questions I had were more of a “nuts and bolts” variety (e.g. – how does he actually do this???). So I reached out on […]

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