Debt as a Money Tool vs. Debt is the Devil – 2 Bloggers Duel!

Debt as a money tool vs. Debt is evil

I’ll get to my fight about whether to use debt as a money tool or to stay far-far away from all debt – at any cost – below. But for now, let me give you some context and catch you up to speed with a few current events. Sound good? Awesome!   I am happy to report that the blogging world has kept me busy lately!    MikedUp Blog has been picking up some momentum lately and it’s all thanks to – YOU! The readers who keep coming back, who share these posts with friends, and those of you that send emails, Tweets, and comment on my posts. THANK YOU!!! Truly.   THANK YOU!!! Truly. This blog has opened a few doors up to me that weren’t previously available and I appreciate all you’ve done to make that happen! Now, here’s what’s been happening lately:   One of my posts (How […]

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