How would I spend a $100 cash gift – today?

I got the idea for this post by reading one of the many blogs I subscribe to. I enjoy reading other’s work for educational purposes, to get inspired by their experiences, and to sometimes get a post idea. This one comes from J. Money at Budgets Are Sexy, where he asks: “What would you do with a $100 gift?” As of this writing, there are over 600 comments on the article (a lot of people are looking for that C-note…) and they range from inspirational to head-scratching. Feel free to check them out but here’s my honest response:     $100 feels a little different these days compared with what it meant in years past and I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. Since buying our business (MFD), spinning the tires, and finally gaining some traction I have challenged myself to remember the days where Monica and […]

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