So I almost sunk your house… My bad

 In my defense, Tony chose to use a sailboat as his house. A 40-foot former America’s Cup racing sailboat, at that – valued at a cool $210,000. And then he chose to invite me and a great buddy out on it. Not sure what the worst of those decisions was but on this past summer day, I turned his house upside down… Literally.     I wrote last week about the best and worst jobs I’ve had over the years, and what I learned from some of the stand-outs (there were more than a dozen!!). In writing about my time working as a restauranteur (host) at the Hard Rock Cafe in Maui, an amazing story came to mind… That story is below and, no – I don’t think I’m exaggerating on ‘amazing’ for this one. You be the judge:     Best summer ever…? It’s up there.    Best summer […]

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