Can you Have Healthy Teeth without Spending a Fortune at the Dentist?

Can you Have Healthy Teeth without Spending a Fortune at the Dentist? #budget #saving #spendingless #dentalvisit #healthyteeth

I’m either the worst businessman in the world… Or there’s some other explanation why the CEO of a dental practice would be writing an entire post detailing how you can strategically and systematically save BIG money at the dentist’s office – and still have healthy teeth.   I’ll let you decide.   But as someone who runs a dental practice that prides itself on taking care of people (both customers and our staff), I saw a great opportunity here.   Our goal is to have the happiest and healthiest patients around… And last I checked, patients tend to be happier with both healthy teeth and a healthy pocketbook after visiting our office.   So, today I’m pulling back the curtain and giving you the cold hard truth about what you can do to save money at the dentist’s while maintaining your healthy teeth   The good news – you can […]

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Your Savings Account is Wasting you Time and Money

Your savings account is wasting you time and money

(Photo by RNM)   0.06% – According to the FDIC, this is the current national average interest rate for savings accounts. 0.06%!!!   Factoring in gas money to get to the bank, you earn approximately the same amount of money by simply putting your money under your mattress – Nothing.   As an example: If you invest $10,000 on January 1 and make no changes throughout the year, your savings account will have a balance of $10,006 on December 31. What’s the point?? Collecting loose change throughout the year could more-than-double that yield…   Why have a savings account in the first place?   There are a few good reasons to open a savings account.   1) It visually and physically distinguishes your running checking account from the money you’ve set aside for a rainy day, vacation, or down payment.   2) Your money is FDIC insured (up to $250,000 with […]

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