Unexpected Humor During my Bestie’s Cancer Battle

Unexpected Humor During my Bestie's Cancer Battle

If you’re a regular MikedUp Blog reader, you’ve at least heard about our friend ‘Jen’ and her battle with breast cancer – she wrote 14,000 words about every detail of her story. You’ve also seen Jen’s story from the point of view of her co-worker and dear friend. We’ve sufficiently covered many of the highs and lows that one may encounter with a cancer diagnosis or the diagnosis of a close friend. However, that’s still a little meat left on the bone. Believe it or not, there are still funny times, great experiences, and human moments that happen during life while on this journey. A lighter side to cancer, if you will.   So in this third and final post detailing some portion of Jen’s journey, I’ve asked one of Jen’s best friends (Erica) to share some of her thoughts about what Jen went through. Below, we’ve got some wig […]

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Today’s Veteran – This Hero’s Fight After Leaving the War

  Standing on the platform of a 34 foot tower he adjusts his harness, creeps toward the edge, and thinks, “What in the hell have I gotten myself into?” There are still two trainees in front of him so there’s some time to make last minute checks. Carabiner secure? Check. Attached to the overhead cable? Check.   Only one in front now and it’s not the screams of the grown men before him that elicit terror, it’s the logic in his mind. “This cable will actually hold me? I’m not the lightest guy here… I’m not the heaviest either so we should be good. Maybe the cable’s been worn down by all the guys before me? Is my harness secure?…”   Private First Class (PFC) Drew Mullee is 2 days into US Army Airborne School and he’s sufficiently out of his element as he toes the edge of the platform. […]

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