Why Estate Plans Aren’t Just for the Rich

Why Estate Plans Aren't Just for the Rich

  It’s been about 4 years since we created our estate plan. And while the main catalyst for us was the birth of our first daughter, buying our business, growing our net worth, and all the stress that comes with adulthood all helped reinforce with us the need to have an estate plan in place – should the worst happen.   The wrong assumption that I had always held was that estate plans were reserved for the incredibly high net worth folks. But I quickly realized that assumption to be categorically wrong. That’s because estate plans encompass more than just wealth.   As this post will outline, minor children, pets, businesses, assets, and even debts (yeah…) can stick around long after your gone. And rather than leaving things up to chance and heaping a mess on the loved ones you leave behind – this post is designed to educate you […]

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What are Job Benefits Really Worth?

If you’ve had a job, you’ve had a talk about benefits with your friends or family.   “Well, the salary is a little lower than I’d like but the benefits are nice.” Or, “I need this job for the benefits.” Or, “Benefits. What benefits?” Or, how about this one, “This job has the perfect salary and a ton of benefits!”   We’ve all heard that last one, right?   I had one of these talks with a job searching friend the other day and it spurred this question: How much are job benefits really worth? We’re talking cash value. Healthcare, retirement, time off, and other ‘benefits.’ What percentage of your paycheck. So, compared benefits from different jobs that I’ve had, in addition to jobs of friends, to get a breakdown for the benefits given in 3 different job types (government job, private career-type job, and hourly work job).   Keep […]

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