Shout-out: The small, big wins (Tortoise Happy)

Hello all! Our Saturday morning shout-outs highlight a post/article/book/other that I’ve come across lately that deserves exactly that: a ‘shout-out.’ The goal here is to hopefully introduce my readers to other authors or bloggers that have had an impact on me, my writing, and my life. (Photo courtesy of MKulp Photography) This week’s shout-out is: The small, big wins published at Tortise Happy. This post struck me as soon as I started reading it. So often, many of us are completely focused on the long-term horizon that we lose sight of the here and now. “How I am going to pay off 6-figures of debt!” or “I can’t wait for Financial Independence!!” or “I’ll have a 6-pack this time next year!” You’ve seen the similar headlines and I’m guilty of writing at least a few of them, but this post did a phenomenal job of resetting my mental focus.   The […]

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