Why you Should Start P90X3 – A Complete Review

The original P90X program changed my life at a time when I needed it the most. After that transformation (almost a decade ago…), I kept on with maintaining my then “new” and decent fitness level until I found what I call the best workout program I’ve ever used – P90X3 helped me get even stronger, better, and more confident. In this post, I’ll describe why it’ll work for YOU too.     It’s that time of year again… You know – the time when years transition from 1 to the next, bad habits are shunned for good, and resolutions are made.   Let’s put aside for a moment that about 88% of those granite-clad and unbreakable New Year’s resolutions fail, and call this what it is. Some of us are big-time into fitness, some will join our tribe, and another group will join our tribe then fall off the fitness train after a […]

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A No-Nonsense Method to Crush Complacency

No-Nonsense Method to Crush Complacency #Goals #Progress

For the past 5 days, I had been feeling like garbage   I’d get a decent amount of sleep but wake up exhausted. My workouts were uninspired. And every time I’d sit down to start writing at night, the words I typed were wasting the digital space they occupied.   “What’s the deal here?!?” I’d say to myself. I was following my self-prescribed 10 Steps to not have a stress-induced heart attack (read: don’t burn out) that had previously worked superbly. But not this week.   I was in a rut and didn’t know how to get out   At about 11:00 on Friday morning (Day 5), I made a decision. Instead of just accepting this constant feeling of ‘blah’ – I decided to take action.   It would’ve been easy and uncomplicated to just sit in my office’s break room for 30 minutes, eat lunch, then proceed with this […]

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6 reasons why supersets are God’s gift to your workout

Can't Exercise When you Have the Kids?? Think Again

  It seems to me that it’s getting more difficult to be a productive, happy, family oriented dude and still prioritize fitness. Maybe I’m getting a bit older (with more responsibilities – thanks adulthood) or maybe fitness isn’t as fun so it’s easier to save that one until tomorrow? In any case, I had to find a way to earn and sustain my level of fitness – to make sure I’m putting in the work but limiting my time in the gym due to all those other fatherly, workably (no – not a word), or other activities. Happening upon supersets helped me become a more efficient exerciser.   A superset is performing more than one set of an exercise in a row without stopping (i.e. doing 8 reps of bench press and then going immediately into some number of squats without pausing to catch your breath in between).     You […]

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The card workout challenge

Welcome to Fitness Week at MikedUp Blog! This is a 100% affordable, portable, and adjustable workout that I most likely got from somebody (to that person – I apologize), and we are going to turn it into a challenge. I do this workout regularly when I don’t have a ton of time or a fancy gym to do kettle bell swings, ropes, or whatever other highly effective fad I’ve recently taken part in. This is the card workout. Workout explained first, challenge later.     What you need: A deck of cards, towel, stopwatch, water, and a propensity to sweat… a lot.   The workout: Start with your cards shuffled up. After you start your stopwatch, you will then simply draw one card at a time and the card will tell you what to do. First, the suit determines the exercise.   Card Suit Exercise Hearts Burpees (cardio & all […]

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