The loop – fitness week June ‘16

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Hey team! Welcome to June’s outdoor fitness week where we’re taking our bodyweight and cardio infused workout to the park!


Special guest(s)


This week you’ll see not 1, but 2 ladies joining me for the workout! One happens to be the best dentist I’ve ever known and the other is dealing with the frustrations around getting new teeth… This week you’ll meet Monica (yes, my wife) and Clara (our daughter – who, by the way, makes for great resistance when in a jogging stroller you’re pushing).


This week’s workout – The loop


One thing I love about this workout (The loop) is that it’s flexible. In the video I describe the exercise moves and running distance, all of which can be modified to fit your fitness level. Monica and I complete the workout in just over 20 minutes but with a few tweaks, this workout could take you an hour or two… We’ll start with the workout shown in this week’s video, then describe ways to modify and switch out the moves depending on where you are in your fitness journey.




Pull-up bar
A place to run (about .75 miles)


What to do


Here’s this weeks video to demonstrate the workout. SPOILER – there’s a little extra production quality in this one after the first 1.5 minutes or so! Yes, we’re proud of ourselves…



Run the loop (3/4 mile)
Abs (in-outs)


That completes 1 circuit – we do 2 in this workout. That’s it. Simple, right?


Examples for modifiers


Jog or walk the loop
Shorten the loop
Use a stable resistance band for either pull-downs (with palms facing away from you) or tie the band around the bar and step in the hanging loop (to reduce the weight you’re pulling up).
You could also do pull-downs from a sturdy beam or tree branch if you don’t have a pull-up bar.
Wall-sits for time
Squat and hold for time
Monica demonstrates a great modifier here – push-ups from your knees
Abs (in-outs)
Don’t lean back as far
Different ab move altogether (crunches, leg lifts, etc…)


If you’re feeling aggressive after 2 rounds, try 3 or 4. You could also up the distance and/or repetitions for the exercises. This workout could completely mold to fit your abilities. The only thing left to say is – Good Luck!!


Thanks for reading! Let us know how the workout went for you by commenting on the post or emailing Mike.


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We’re glad you’re here. Thanks again and talk soon!


– Mike
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