Weight loss might be much simpler than advertised (guest blogger – Paul)

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Below is an awesome infographic covering weight loss, nutrition, and an overall healthy lifestyle from Paul at DNA-Lean. His blog covers weight loss, building muscle mass, calories, healthy eating, and a whole host of other topics while his company offers supplements to help you get there. Full disclosure: I haven’t taken the supplements, but let me say I loved his infographic below. If you’re looking for some helpful tips on your health journey, then this post is for you. As always, thanks for reading!




In the modern day quest for weight loss, people often find themselves doing many a weird and wonderful thing! Perhaps you have tried following the pea soup diet to lose weight? Or perhaps you can bear witness to seeing folk wrapped up in cling film in a sauna room?  It would appear that fat and weight loss has become like old wives tale; unscientific and incorrect! With so much information available online, it can be tricky separating myth from fact. If you have found yourself lost in information, perhaps you ought to read 24 natural fat loss tips that actually work.


Nevertheless, fat loss is far less complex than we are led to believe. Balance is the key.  For example, diets such as the Atkins are proven to be unsustainable long term, and can often lead to a rebound of weight gain. Eliminating a whole food group is sure fire way to leave your nutrition lacking, increasing the risk of nutrient deficiency along with increased risk of elevated cholesterol from excessive consumption of saturated fats. Besides, what’s the point in following a diet that makes you feel miserable and increases cravings? A lifestyle change is what is needed rather than a “diet”, and one that can be sustained long term.


Start with a structured plan and stick to it. Consistency will give you feedback; follow the feedback to make the appropriate adjustments which should, in turn, improve results. After all, no one knows your body like you, and you will truly know if you are actually burning fat. Think of your weight loss journey as also being instinctive.


Needless to say, counting calories is both time consuming, and pointless, you’d be better off spending your time in the gym working out. Contrary to popular belief, all calories are not equal, some are good for our health, some are bad, some get absorbed and some do not. Simply put, counting calories is inaccurate. Nonetheless, no one can escape overeating; therefore focus your efforts on creating a balanced diet based on NON-GMO,  unprocessed, organic whole foods and track your macros. With that said check out the infographic and you should be all set to start your weight loss journey.


24 fat loss tips infographic




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