What Are you Doing with your Time, Talents, and Treasure?

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In this Current Events Friday’s Post (CE-Friday’s), Fr. Bob and I are asking you – what are you currently doing with your time, talents, and treasure…? Seriously, I want to know. We’ll cover why I’m curious then I’ll give my breakdown to wrap it up.


CE-Friday’s – “What you need to know today in less than 500 words”


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So, here’s an update then a newsflash for me


Our family (me and the girls) are Catholic and I’ve recently learned that our priest has discovered this here blog… After sitting up a little straighter in church and cleaning up my vocabulary (a little), this revelation has led me to blend some of what I hear on Sundays with what you read here on the blog.


Don’t worry – I’m not going to take you to church…



But a few of the philosophical-type posts that I’ll occasionally fit into the CE-Friday’s rotation were inspired by a homily or a conversation on Sundays.


The same is true today.


On Sundays, we often hear stories of those in excess giving to those in need. And the funny thing is that ‘excess’ commonly has nothing to do with money.


The “Time” and “Talent” components actually require little to no cash at all


For example, a retiree who may have an excess of time could volunteer some of that time to help at a local hospital or soup kitchen.


Likewise, someone well-versed in carpentry could donate some time and talent with an organization like Habitat For Humanity.


Then – of course – the treasure is always welcome as well either in replacement of or in combination with the other 2 categories.



What are you currently doing with your time, talent, and/or treasure?


I’m honestly curious about A) what you’re doing and another ancillary question – B) if you give of your treasure, do you do so anonymously or by name, and why?



Here’s the current breakdown of what I’m doing personally and where I’d like to expand


1) Time – I honestly would like to do much more here, but (excuse time) with growing our business and prioritizing our family I have found this category to be a tough one.


Excuses aside, I have worked with some folks to help them lose serious weight as well as some others to eliminate debt and help boost their family’s financial positions. I also volunteer in a few positions with our church to help out on Sunday’s. I get so much joy from these opportunities, which is why I hope to do more in the future.


2) Talent –There’s some overlap here with my time category in helping others lose weight and improve their finances.


3) Treasure – We’re currently giving to our church as well as my brother-in-law who is running for State Senate in Virginia (both causes I’m thrilled to give to.


I’m writing this post and asking the question about where and how you give because we’re working to give more in all of these categories, both personally and through our small business. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say in the comments below!

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