What Falling Down the Stairs Has to Do With Your Business

What Falling Down the Stairs Has to Do With Your Business

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In this Current Events Friday’s Post (CE-Friday’s), I tell you about the day a month or so ago when I took a tumble down the stairs (yep – literally). We’ll dive into the coffee stains I left in the carpet and the mug I didn’t let go of, but more than that – I’ll tell you what it has to do with your business. Finally, I’ll close with a twist that every 40-68 year old will absolutely love. 


CE-Friday’s – “What you need to know today in less than 500 words”



My dad looked up from the bottom of the stairs and saw that the coffee stains started on step 3 (near the top) and ended on step 13 (the bottom).



“Wow. You are incredibly lucky.” He told me.


Truth be told, I completely agree. There I was hustling to get some menial household chore completed with a full cup of coffee in my right hand and the laundry basket in my left.


I had something draped over my left arm and our 4-year-old right behind me when I simply missed a step with my right foot.


As I slid down 10 of our 13 steps, I couldn’t help but wonder 2 things

  1. Wait – what is actually happening right now
  2. Is it possible for me to safely stop this


My daughter described it like this – “Daddy. It looked like you rode a slide down the steps… A bumpy slide.”


So when I stood there a week later with my dad gazing up in bewilderment, I did feel lucky.


But honestly, I think luck only represents 62% of the reason I made that fall and didn’t get hurt


OK – maybe it was more like 87.6% of the reason I made it through without injury. But hear me out on the remaining 12.4%-38%.


I’ve written many times about my uncompromising workout truths (e.g. Never Miss a Monday, Get active at least 3 times every week – 2019 Goals, Challenge your Physical Norms, etc…).


Whether it’s through sticking to a set diet or calorie schedule or prioritizing physical fitness, I pride myself on achieving a greater fitness level daily. And maybe a past version of me (read: weaker and overweight) wouldn’t have made it uncontrolled down 10 steps without incident.


Maybe the countless 5am wakeups or squeezed-in workouts when the kids are napping all added up to a more resilient me. Stronger muscles, bones, and all.


Sure – maybe it was mostly luck… But I’m glad I was prepared for adversity and trauma. 


Speaking of preparation – how would your business handle a ‘fall down the stairs’ right now?


What if the next recession hit today and in 6 months your company was forced to downsize or a large percentage of your customers were no longer interested in your products?


Have you ‘put in the time’ training to make your business as fit as it can be? 


Many economists predict we’re in the tail end of one of the longest in the tooth economic expansions in history. Unemployment is at record lows, the stock market hasn’t seen values this high, and consumer confidence remains up amid a series of concerning data points.


Is your company preparing for the future, saving the excess, and remaining diligent? Or are we kicking back and enjoying this current Peaceful, Easy Feelin’?



Just as I was happy to be lucky falling down the stairs and not sustaining a major injury, your company and career should be so ‘lucky’ to have prepared for what lies ahead.


Because One of These Nights the New Kid in Town is going to take a ride down Life in the Fast Lane and see whether these indicators are just hiding behind those Lyin’ Eyes or if we’re really in store for a night at The Sad Cafe and a giant Hole in the World Tonight.


You feel me, Desperado?



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  1. I am sad to admit it but I slid down some of my stairs holding I believe was a large Mcdonald ice tea which did not survive.

    I did survive relatively unscathed but unlike you I have my lack of fitness to thank. All those extra fat pad cushions made the journey quite pleasant as I oozed from one step to the next much like jaba the hut would. Lol

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