What your Conflict Reveals About your Character

What your Conflict Reveals About your Character

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In this Current Events Friday’s Post (CE-Friday’s), I’ll be discussing a vitally important topic that I literally think about on a daily basis. It’s a self-reflection point I dissect regularly – what does your conflict reveal about your character?


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What your Conflict Reveals About your Character


My dad (Pops) always told me, “It’s easy to lead when everything is going well. But your actions when you’re behind and fighting for life are what reveal your true character.”


Dude was 100% on point with that advice.


First, some current events, then a personal anecdote, and we’ll finish with a challenge question to you.


…Yeah – YOU.



October 29, 2018 – a Boeing 737 Max 8 airplane crashed at sea


All 189 souls on board did not survive the crash. It is believed that multiple instrument failures combined to result in the plane’s ultimate crash.


The deadliest air incident involving a Boeing airplane was an utterly tragic anomaly, no doubt. Until…



March 10, 2019 – another Boeing 737 Max 8 airplane crashed


This plane was only 4 months old when it crashed, 6 minutes after takeoff, mortally wounding all 159 souls on board.


At the time of this writing, the cause of the crash remains unknown, however, many believe the same instrument failures may be at fault for this crash.


Multiple aviation agencies across the globe began grounding the Boeing 737 Max 8 airplanes following the most recent crash, with the United States Federal Aviation Administration being the last to do so (an avenue of the story I’d rather not discuss in this post, but a highly concerning one, no doubt).


Yet, aside from an obligatory canned statement, Boeing’s CEO remains silent and out of touch…


As one of the globe’s two largest aircraft manufacturers, I’m 100% confident that Boeing is investigating, researching, and working to correct these issues – but little is being done outwardly to reassure the public that positive changes are being made.


Safety is a focus of Boeing’s mission statement, which is one of the reasons why flying in an aircraft is statistically safer than driving in a car. But still – not much is being done outside of the company to restore faith…


Planes remain grounded and airlines are dealing with customers not booking flights on Boeing 737 Max 8 airplanes.



April 12, 2018 – 2 men were arrested in a Starbucks after attempting to use the restroom without purchasing any items


These two black men had the cops called on them by a white store manager. Regardless of your political orientation or your race, a rational person would agree that the optics of this situation made Starbucks look terrible.


If Starbucks chose not to act, who knows what could’ve changed in the company’s future.





On May 29, 2018 – Starbucks closed all of its 8,000 stores for a half day to conduct racial bias training


That half day cost the company $6 million in revenue. And, in an honest moment, they probably didn’t fix racial bias for the entire company. But Starbuck’s CEO chose to step up and act – to move toward improvement and a more socially responsible attitude, company-wide.


Starbucks’ stock price is up nearly 28% since May 29, 2018 – and plenty of people (from all races) continue sipping their lattes.


This incident no longer remains in the news because their leadership chose to learn from the incident, take action, and then made a grand gesture toward improvement.



If you were a stockholder, an employee, or a customer – which CEO would you rather have leading your company?


If you happen to be the CEO of a company someday, which would you hope to act more like?


Personally, I work every day to put myself in the shoes of our customers and my staff. To see what my actions and decisions look like in their eyes. Because, no matter how you perceive it, customers and employees are analyzing the boss’ actions and decisions on a regular basis.


I have made it a habit to write up After Action Reviews (AARs) after moments of conflict and hand them out to the staff for their feedback.

  • What did we do well?
  • What could we have done better
  • How can I improve?


All of which are questions I ask. This process has caused me to detach from situations while they’re unfolding to understand what the staff or customer’s perception of me will be after the fact.


“Did he care about my concerns and did his actions back that up?”


Not always – but every day I’m working to improve.



What about you?


In times of conflict with your spouse, coworker, boss, or relatives – what do your actions reveal about your character?


Do you lose your temper or do you keep cool under pressure? Because it’s easy to lead a winning team…


But it’s the leader who turns the downtrodden team around who reveals their true leadership qualities.


Is that currently you?


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