How Vinovest Pours a New Opportunity for Everyday People

How Vinovest Pours a New Opportunity of investing in fine wine for Everyday People

  When we talk about historical investment options for the average American, we discuss stocks, bonds, precious metals, and if we’re fortunate enough to have saved up enough capital maybe we dive into real estate or a business investment as well. One thing I hadn’t considered as a realistic investment option, though, is fine wine. Well, thanks to Vinovest, a new LA-based startup run by a proven set of co-founders, investing in fine wine is no longer reserved for the ultra-wealthy. Everyday people – you and I – can do it, too.    (Sponsored content)   I had the great opportunity to sit down with Vinovest co-founder, Anthony Zhang, just a couple of weeks ago   During our conversation, I had the chance to:     Learn more about how the company, and more importantly how an investment in fine wine through Vinovest works, Determine if these investments are safe […]

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Who Knew – your Old Cell Phone Can Make you Money?

Who Knew - your Old Cell Phone Can Make you Money?

  Today’s partner post is designed to A) update you on a great option if you’re looking to get rid of your old cell phone in favor of some cash and B) bring you a moment of entertainment. Please see my disclosure page for more details on partner posts.     When in doubt – give your old phones to your toddlers…   We had played the game about three times up to this point and (as a personal failure) I was increasingly stressed-out with each iteration.   You see, my 2.5yo daughter found extreme pleasure in pressing a button on the remote and seeing the picture and words change up on the TV. She had all the power – and loved every minute (FYI – that last point hasn’t changed).   The thing was, though, that dad had been enjoying his favorite team’s opening game. It was the 4th […]

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The Blogs and Podcasts I Absolutely Love

    Big thanks to a personal finance blogging icon (and Mt. Rushmore fixture) – J. Money from BudgetsAreSexy – for calling me out and letting me know that this sorta thing used to be a requirement…   As a personal finance writer (and, dare I say, community member) for the past 3 years, I’ve had the great fortune of getting to know some incredible people and great writers. So, the list below is to let you know the folks who I can’t stop reading. My hope is that you’ll find a few that you love as well!   Last updated 3-20-19   My Favorite Personal Finance Blogs Accidental Fire (Makes numbers sexier than anyone can – his stuff “wows” me) Bitches Get Riches (Great content with zero filters) Budgets Are Sexy (All things personal finance – I learn something new with each visit) Dr. Breath Easy Finance (Love his […]

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