Here’s What to Do After you Crush it and Retire Early

Way to go!! You buckled down and are able to retire early! Now what? Here - we paint 2 great pictures of the best possible outcomes - then leave it to you! #retireearly #finance #travel #homestead #snarky

Well, congratulations… You did it! You called on all the great frugal tips, created the perfect family budget, and took advantage of all the best tax credits. And because of all your hard work, you achieved the dream – you earned the right to retire early! Congrats!! …But now what? If you’re one of the prominent FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) bloggers/proponents, you’ll then go on to travel the world, live in either a sailboat or an RV, and blog about all the highs and lows of “living the dream!” Or maybe you won’t… You could go the other route of being “debt free including the mortgage”, plant some routes, and set up a co-op workspace for all the local entrepreneurs in your activity-rich town of choice. But – you’ve worked so hard to reach FIRE and now have to completely evaluate all the pros and cons of life on […]

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How to Take a Family Vacation on a Budget

How to Take a Family Vacation on a Budget #budget #vacation #expenses #value #compromise

Vacations can be so important to the development and cohesion of a family. We try to vacation at least annually, and every time we’re on that trip back home, we find ourselves reflecting on all the memories made and lessons learned. But those trips don’t pay for themselves… So that’s when thinking about how to plan a family vacation on a budget comes into play. Today I’m thrilled to bring you a post from Mr. Thrifty – an amateur arm wrestler (more on this below), a lover of Merle Haggard, a family man, and a connoisseur of all things thrifty in nature. Take it away, Mr. Thrifty! Mr. Thrifty publishes Thrifty Enough at Thrifty Enough provides an uncommonly common sense approach to thrifty living, including some of the thriftiest original and curated personal finance content out there. You can also find him on Twitter at @thriftyenough. Mr. Thrifty lives […]

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Flying With Baby Got You Terrified…? No Worries

8 Steps for Flying With Your Baby and Keeping Your Sanity #travelhacks #flying #travel #familyvacation #stress

Hi, Team! This is a special occasion for me today. I’m welcoming back a close friend, published author, English teacher, and candidate for Virginia Senate – He’s my brother-in-law (@ronnierossva)! He and his wife recently took a trip across country with their newborn (my godson). And as they prepared for flying with baby, they couldn’t find the singular “how-to” resource. So they created their own! Here it is! ????     Ronnie Ross is a new father who, along with his wife and son, lives in the Piedmont area of Virginia.  A teacher and school administrator, he spends his days helping young folks read, write, and think “better.”  Recently, inspired by the birth of his son, he announced his candidacy for the Virginia Senate.   After much careful consideration, my wife and I did something incredibly stupid   We booked a cross-country flight with an infant.  Four months out, it seemed like […]

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