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How to Live 'Happily Ever After' and Work With your Spouse

Hi, Team! Welcome to the MikedUp Blog family. I’m Mike, I’m married to Monica, and we have our amazing daughters, Clara and Stella (she’s brand new).


My blog’s purpose is to help you improve in many aspects of your life, including personal finance, fitness, small business ownership, family relationships, and more!


What you can expect to see:

    • 2 main posts each week (Monday & Wednesday), where the topic will bounce among the categories above. These are mostly from me but may feature a guest blogger on occasion.
    • 1 Current-Events Friday’s Post each (you guessed it…) Friday, where I’ll use 500 words or less to describe a current event in the world or our lives and extract the relevant information and convey that to you in an easy-to-digest way. The goal is to send you into the weekend with a small dose of knowledge or motivation to win the weekend!
    • “Mailbag” posts filtered in. As our readership grows, so do the questions and comments. Ask on twitter (@RealMikedUp), email, or in the comments section, and your question may be addressed in a future post!
    • Value-adding sponsored posts sprinkled in on Saturdays
    • A genuine love of life and learning. That joy will hopefully come through in my posts!



MikedUp Blog is here because I thoroughly enjoy helping others.


I also have a nerd-like obsession with learning about how to be fit – financially and physically. You can read more about my story in the links below


But here’s a paragraph to sum it up:

I played football in college, got injured, gained too much weight, then lost ~65 pounds. I have an intense drive to keep that weight off. My degrees are in molecular biology and ecology. I’ve been fortunate to have worked, a lot – in a bunch of different fields (as a landscaper, men’s fragrance salesman, coach, server, quality supervisor, forensic scientist, blogger, and now CEO…) and in varying places (Ohio, Maui, Costa Rica, the Gulf of Mexico,…). Monica and I took out some sizeable loans for her to go to dental school and for us to buy our business (MFD), and we are working to pay off that debt and grow the business (many posts about each of these in the archives and to come). We believe in credit cards that don’t carry a balance from one month to the next (love the points, hate the interest). We put family first and love vacations. Our world centers around our girls (Clara and Stella).


For more detail about my journey to this point:

Why I Write About Physical Fitness and How YOU Benefit

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Why I Write About Business and How YOU Benefit

My Family Journey (coming soon)


For a complete list of all the series and categories on MikedUp Blog (over 250 total posts!!) please head over to our Category’s Page.




Thank you for reading and for being here!

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I’m glad you’re here. Thanks again and talk soon!


– Mike