Back to School: The Importance of Basic Maths Skills

  Today’s guest post explains exactly why you’ll be glad you paid attention back in math class. Maybe it’s true what Mrs. Jones said – “You’ll be using math every day… all the time, in the real world.” Let’s check out some reasons why.       Back to School: The Importance of Basic Maths Skills   For many adults, the maths lessons that they took in school were the last time they sat down and really seriously thought about applying mathematical skills to a problem. We are always told that ‘math is all around us’ and that it is at work in everything we see and do, but we rarely stop to wonder just how we use it ourselves in everyday life. Here we’re going to take a look at the basic maths skills that get us through some of the most commonplace tasks in adult life and show […]

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The Blogs and Podcasts I Absolutely Love

    Big thanks to a personal finance blogging icon (and Mt. Rushmore fixture) – J. Money from BudgetsAreSexy – for calling me out and letting me know that this sorta thing used to be a requirement…   As a personal finance writer (and, dare I say, community member) for the past 3 years, I’ve had the great fortune of getting to know some incredible people and great writers. So, the list below is to let you know the folks who I can’t stop reading. My hope is that you’ll find a few that you love as well!   Last updated 3-20-19   My Favorite Personal Finance Blogs Accidental Fire (Makes numbers sexier than anyone can – his stuff “wows” me) Bitches Get Riches (Great content with zero filters) Budgets Are Sexy (All things personal finance – I learn something new with each visit) Dr. Breath Easy Finance (Love his […]

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Alert!! Millions of People Are Behind on their Car Payments

Alert!! Millions of People Are Behind on their Car Payments #default #economy #vehicle #cars

    In this Current Events Friday’s Post (CE-Friday’s), I’ll be letting you know just how concerned you should be about the fact that many millions of our country mates are over 90-days behind on their auto payments.   CE-Friday’s – “What you need to know today in less than 500 words”     Alert!! 7 Million Americans are Raising Their Hands to say, “Can’t Make Car Payment!”     I was listening to Marketplace last week when I heard the news that the number of people not making their car payments is on the rise. And whether you choose to lease or buy your car, this is troubling for us as an economy.     First the facts (from this source):   Over 7 Million Americans were over 90 days behind on car payments in 2018 (New York Fed) That’s up about 16.5% compared with 2010 More people are […]

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Was it a Terrible Time for a Mortgage Refinance??

Was it a Terrible Time for a Mortgage Refinance?? #economics #mortgage #refinance #personfinance

  Well, slap me twice and call me ‘Mikey’, because I went and out-thought myself again – (just like when I lost 66% of our net worth). I got a little too cute, played a little fast and loose, and lost sight of the bigger picture. Or did I…? In December, 2018, I thought it was the perfect time for a mortgage refinance. Was I right, was I wrong, and is my wife still talking to me?   All this and more – below!     (Photo courtesy of Al Emmert)   First, the mortgage refinance “before” details so we can set up the “after picture” you’re all waiting for   In 2015, we purchased our home on a 7 year ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) at a 4.15% interest rate. (Translation: We were locked into the 4.15% interest rate for 7 years, then our rate would have the ability to […]

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Why I Write About Business and How YOU Benefit

Becoming a business owner was one of the most exciting and terrifying moments of my life. Here are the 5 resources that helped me most along the journey #business #personaldevelopment #goals

  Three years ago, my wife and I willingly jumped into the entrepreneurial deep end. And at that moment, effectively put our family under a near 7-figure sum of debt that we won’t shake loose from for a decade. Were we scared at times…? No – we were terrified, stressed, and on-edge for nearly 2 years. But looking back from the other side, I wouldn’t change those nerve-wracking years for anything. They’re what allowed us to pursue and fulfill our professional dream of becoming business owners.   Since we took that leap, our family and our business have been on a rollercoaster ride complete with tremendous highs and some… teachable moments. We earned 140 5-star reviews in our first year of business Grew by 8.7% in our first fiscal year Got blindsided with a 2-weeks notice from one of our most trusted employees Almost went bankrupt (and one of our proudest accomplishments) helped […]

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Introducing a New Series on MikedUp Blog!!

    (Photo courtesy of Al Emmert)   Well, we had a great thing going there… For 41 Friday’s in a row, we shared with you 2 of the greatest and 2 of the worst moments from a generous writer’s life to this point in MikedUp Blog’s Wins and Losses Series.   There were debt payoffs, ejections from your kid’s little league games, diagnoses, hot takes, suicide attempts, and everything in between…   I started the Wins and Losses Series for 1 reason alone – to learn from other’s experiences so that we could all improve together. And reflecting from the other side of this series, I’d say we accomplished that mission.   But I feel the time has come to close the chapter on the series.   It’s been a great run, but honestly – I’ve got something shiny, new, and (hopefully you agree) exciting to take its place!! […]

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4 Financial Mistakes That Actually Improved our Lives

4 Financial Mistakes That Actually Improved our Lives #personalfinance #family #saving #emergencyfund #home

  Today, I’m thrilled to welcome Jon back onto the site! We first heard from him a couple years ago when he discussed how he and his wife paid off $89,000 of student loans in just over a year, and while he’s written a few articles since… it’s been a minute. That’s why I’m stoked he’s here today to talk about some of the financial mistakes he’s made and how they may have actually benefited his family!   It’s not all $89,000 student loan payoffs, friends – we’ve all made some mistakes from time to time. But as you’ll see – it’s less about the mistakes themselves, and more about how you respond.       (Photo courtesy of MissFunctional Money)   Take it away, Jon!     4 Financial Mistakes That Actually Improved our Lives     If you’re anything like me, it can be easy to obsess about […]

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We Made the Sweet 16 in This Year’s Rockstar Rumble! (Can you Help One More Time??)

  Team!!!! (Beware: many exclamation points below)   We’ve made it into the Sweet 16 of this year’s Rockstar Rumble (which started with a whopping 128 bloggers)!!!   That’s 128 different bloggers from all over the globe who each cover their own niche within the online personal finance community.   Honestly, I was just happy to be invited this year (my first time), but to have made the sweet 16 is beyond a great blogging treat for me! And I really can’t believe it…   First off – thank you so much to all who have taken the time to read my post and the posts I’ve been up against. And also, thank you so much to all who have voted!!   Secondly – I’m asking for another big favor   Can you please take the 30 seconds to: Head over to the Rockstar Rumble – By Using This Link Scroll […]

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How to Minimize the Impact of Bad Reviews on your Business

Bad reviews can kill a young business, and the worst part - you can't prevent them 100% of the time. BUT - there's a lot you can do to help your business shine through! #badreviews #reviews #business

Close your eyes and come with me on a journey… It’s Saturday at noon. You and your sig-other are brainstorming new restaurants for dinner tonight. After much deliberation, probably some constructive back-and-forth, and a few “I’m not feeling Mexican tonight’s” you settle on your final two options. Knowing that Saturday night is a sacred thing – and to waste one would be treasonous, at best – making the right selection is critical. If you haven’t done this already, what’s the first thing you’ll do to help aid your decision…? Let’s all say it together: “Check out the restaurant’s good and bad reviews!!”    Thanks, all – I was thinking the same. (Photo courtesy of Al Emmert)   I could use the same illustration with moving to a new town and looking for a new set of doctors, child care facilities, neighborhoods, dry cleaners, etc… With about 90% of customers reading […]

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How to Increase your Business’ Profit Margin in Under One Year

From Broke to Ballin - Up Your Business' Profit the right way #smallbusiness #profit #reviews #entrepreneur #growth

  Increasing your business’ profit margin can be an incredibly difficult task – especially when you’re juggling bills, chasing down accounts payable, and working to develop your staff to their full potential. Well, we’ve had some time to experience the highs and lows of business ownership, and this post is our step-by-step guide to earning more while doing the work you love.   How to Increase your Business’ Profit Margin in Under One Year    But first – A MikedUp Blog Original:   “We’re on track to come up about $20k short…” As I said the words to my business partner, she was understandably irate.   “Excuse me? $20k… That’s a lot of k’s!!!”   You see, there are great advantages to being in business with your spouse, but explaining the fact that we are about to be broke and maybe not make payroll in three months – is not one of […]

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