How We Tripled Our Blog Traffic in 3 Months

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Yes, I know, this is a bit of a clickbaity title, but it’s true.

We did triple our blog traffic in 3 months, and while there was a lot of work and different things that went into tripling our traffic, there is one common thread.

The Money Mix Insiders blogging group.

We joined the Insiders blogging group after being offered a 3-month free trial, and we saw so much progress that we had to join once our trial period was up.

In fact, we saw more progress in 3 months of working with the group than we had over the previous 2 years. And this progress was despite hours of self-education on blogging and building a blog.

The thing is, it takes much more than excellent and consistent writing to be successful with a blog. There are a lot of tricks and techniques that most bloggers won’t share that are essential to success.

So, want to know more about how we tripled our blog traffic in 3 months? Read on to learn about The Money Mix Insiders blogging group and see if it’s right for you.

What Are the Money Mix Insiders?

The Money Mix Insiders is a blogging group where members leverage the power of the group to gain access to opportunities and collaboration that no blogger alone could accomplish.

The central blog of the group is Wealth of Geeks, run by Michael Dinich. The other co-owners of the group are Fred Lemnson (formerly of Money With a Purpose) and Steve Adcock (formerly of Think, Save, Retire).

Between the three of them, Michael, Fred, and Steve have a wealth of blogging experience and can use their strengths to benefit the group. Fred is great with outreach, promotion, and working with brands, Steve is an SEO and technical wizard, and Michael runs Wealth of Geeks.

With Wealth of Geeks at the helm, the Money Mix Insiders are a group of highly dedicated bloggers who work together to improve their blogs. The group works to increase domain authority, traffic, email lists, and revenue.

The Insiders group believes that blogging is better when bloggers work together, and the results prove it true.

How It Works

So, how does the Money Mix Insiders blogging group accomplish the goal of building better and bigger blogs for its members?

A few main things that help member blogs grow are included, no matter your membership level.

These benefits include:

  • Syndication
  • Coaching
  • Blog sharing and link-building
  • Access to unique exposure opportunities
  • Saving money on blogging tools
  • A private Slack group for collaboration and community building


First, members gain access to a wide range of SEO-friendly content and the opportunity to build backlinks to high DA member blogs through syndicated content.

Syndication is a Google-friendly technique practiced by all the significant sites like Nerd Wallet, Yahoo Finance, and MarketWatch. It’s above board and a great way to get more content on your site.

Each Insider has the opportunity to guest post on Wealth of Geeks at least quarterly, then have their post syndicated throughout the group. This exposes your writing to a broad audience and builds many authority backlinks to your site.


Next, all members can access coaching sessions with Fred, Michael, and Steve. The founding members are always willing to jump on a call or Zoom session and offer tips for improving your blog or the following steps to reach your goals. You also have access to webinars where the founding members teach about different aspects of blogging.

Blog Sharing and Link-building

In addition to access to great content and coaching, you can leverage the group for blog sharing and link-building. Your latest posts (and even older content) are willingly shared by members, exposing your posts to audiences far beyond your own. You can also seek out links from members with complimentary posts.

Unique Opportunities

One of the hardest things about being a newer or smaller blog is gaining access to opportunities with brands and media outlets. The founders leverage the power of the group to get sponsorships with brands and to get the attention of media outlets. Yet another powerful benefit of the group is unique access to these opportunities that you probably wouldn’t get on your own.

Just recently, Insiders members were given a chance to write posts to be syndicated on MSN!

Saving Money

It’s hard to justify spending it on your blog when you’re starting out and not making money. Thus, another benefit of the Insiders group is that they save money on many tools essential to success in blogging.

For instance, the group has a lifetime subscription for the Astra Pro theme that members can access at a massive discount. Members also have access to over $200/month worth of optimization tools like Moz Pro.

Plus, if you go for the Full membership (described below), you’ll have free hosting on a private server included as long as you’re a member.

Private Slack Group

Last but not least, the Money Mix Insiders has its own private Slack group with dedicated channels for members to share, collaborate, and discuss all kinds of related and unrelated topics to blogging.

These benefits mean this group is genuinely unlike anything else and far superior to other mastermind groups.

But all good things come with a price tag, so let’s get into the memberships and cost of becoming an Insider.


The Money Mix Insiders blogging group offers two membership levels.


The Basic membership will give you access to all the great benefits described above at a manageable price for newer bloggers.

The Basic membership is $119 a month or $300 every quarter. You can also pay for your membership annually and save even more.

The complete list of Basic membership benefits includes:

  • Content syndication across members
  • Backlinks from member blogs
  • Additional guest post opportunities on member sites
  • Access to the mastermind group
  • Active content sharing
  • Access to blogging webinars
  • Access to content optimization tools
  • Promotions for email giveaways
  • Access to email and affiliate networks
  • Personalized coaching

And now, you can join the Insiders for free for 3 months to check it out before committing to a membership. No payment information will be collected; if you decide to join later, you can cancel anytime.

Start your free 3-month trial now. Simply fill out the form to get started.


As with most memberships, the Full membership will give you access to the most benefits for a bit more of a fee.

Full membership is $180 a month or $500 per quarter. Full membership is also available on an annual basis for more savings.

Although it costs more, the total membership will give you access to the full power of the group, including:

  • Everything from Basic, plus:
  • Monthly opportunities on high DA blogs
  • Free hosting as long as you’re a member
  • Sponsored post opportunities
  • Exposure as an expert in your field
  • Free email list promotion and giveaways
  • Special pricing for tools like Moz
  • Access to link-building packages
  • Free site speed tools and consultations

As with the Basic membership, you can access all the Insiders group offers for free for 3 months before committing to a membership.

Sign up for your free 3-month trial by filling out the form.

Our Experience With Insiders

We’ve outlined the main benefits of the Money Mix Insiders blogging group, but we can’t capture this group’s full power without adding our personal testimonials.

We’d been blogging for over two years before being invited to join the Insiders group on a free trial in early April 2020. At that time, we were getting about 3,000 pageviews a month and had a DA of 27. Our blog was difficult to navigate and slow. We weren’t making any money and were feeling really discouraged.

We joined the group and were on a call with Fred, Michael, and Steve within a week. They honestly assessed our situation and made some recommendations to get us started.

Within about a month, we cleaned up our site, sped it up, and began seeing an increase in pageviews. We saw a significant jump in pageviews after our first guest post on Wealth of Geeks and the syndication across the group.

We’ve learned a tremendous amount from the founders and other members along the way.

In fact, one of the most significant benefits we’ve seen is the power of the group to lift you up when you’re feeling discouraged or having a bad day.

I felt really down about blogging about a month and a half ago, and the group immediately jumped in to pick me up. We received words of encouragement and reassurance that we were doing great and had come far in a short time. It was also comforting to know that every other member sometimes had the same feelings.

Now, a little over 3 months since joining the Insiders, we’ve tripled our monthly pageviews to 9,000 and our DA to 56. Our site is clean, fast, and full of great content. We’ve made some money from sponsored opportunities and are well on our way to making more.

And maybe most importantly, we’ve made fantastic friends and have the best blogging support group you could ask for.

We’re now officially paying members of the Money Mix Insiders blogging group, and confident the benefits of the group will pay for themselves.

The Money Mix Insiders group suits us, but is it right for you?

Should You Join Insiders?

Short answer, YES!

Honestly, you have nothing to lose by taking advantage of the free 3-month trial and checking it out yourself. They don’t require you to send any payment information, and there’s no obligation to join once your free trial is up.

If you’re blown away by the group, you can become a full-paying member, but even if you decide against it, you’ll still walk away as a better blogger.

Having said all that, some blogs will benefit more from the Insiders group than others.

A wealth of Geeks is a personal finance blog, and most; most blogs are in the unique finance niche. As a result, most of the syndicated content is personal finance-related, so you must be willing to post personal finance content on your blog.

However, not all member blogs focus exclusively on personal finance. A wealth of Geeks also focuses on geeky topics like playing games and sci-fi. Other member blogs focus on travel, lifestyle, and food.

When it’s your turn to write a guest post to be syndicated, the founders will work with you to find SEO-rich keywords and topics to write about that will fit with your content and comfort level that will also work with the majority of the group.

If you ever feel like a syndicated post just doesn’t work for your audience, you can choose to not publish that post (although try to publish as many as possible).

Aside from your niche and content, you’ll also need to be willing to participate in syndication, sharing, and link-building.

You’ll also need to be serious about growing your blog and willing to put the work in. Blogs that are just a hobby or irregular likely won’t see the same benefits as those dedicated to building an authoritative site.

Moral of the Story

The Money Mix Insiders blogging group is a dedicated group of bloggers who use the power of the group to access unique opportunities and grow their blogs.

Becoming a member gives you exclusive access to blog sharing, link-building, coaching, webinars, and the collective knowledge and collaboration of over 10 blogs with a DA of 40+.

We can personally vouch for not only the power of the group in growing your blog and the wonderfully supportive members that have your back with blogging and beyond.

And with a 3-month free trial, there’s no reason not to give it a shot.

Long story short, if your blog niche works well with money, travel, or lifestyle topics, then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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