Happy holidays! Regular posts to return in the New Year!



It’s been a minute… I apologize for the extended absence over the last two months but no worries, I come back bearing good news. More about that in a minute.

First, I hope this holiday season has been tremendous thus far, and that you are able to spend great quality time with family and good friends. We’ve been working hard on getting our business up and running (definitely more about that to come), traveling to see family, and preparing for the Christmas season we so enjoy. It has been a busy few months and my first post will detail a little more about why I haven’t published anything lately, but let’s just say starting a business while being a respectable husband, father, and full-time employee of a different business can be challenging if your priorities aren’t straight.

I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself here so I’ll say it explicitly: I am thrilled and excited to report that MikedUp Blog will be returning to it’s regularly scheduled weekly posts starting in early January!! I already have 4 articles written and ready to go that I think you will enjoy and hopefully take some good information from. The blog will remain very similar to what the original 100+ articles have been centered around: Fitness, Finance, and Family – but there will be a few tweaks as we move forward… All with the intent of improving the quality and reading experience for you.

There was quite a response while I was away, so thank you all for continuing to read and inquire about when the new posts would be coming out. It really is inspiring for me to see your engagement and hear your requests. Thank you all!

My first post to follow this will be published in early January and it details why I’ve been MIA and what’s been going on, lately. It will also discuss a few of the minor adjustments moving forward. But for now, let me say ‘Thank You’ for continuing to read, click, and ultimately push me back to writing sooner than I may have otherwise come if not for you. You guys rock! Let’s make 2018 a year to learn and grow together… and the best one yet!!


Talk soon and best regards,


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