19 Breakthrough ways proven to increase testosterone naturally (guest blogger – Paul)


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I am thrilled to bring you the below article and infographic from Paul over at DNA leanLast time, Paul covered different methods to help boost your weight-loss, but today he’s tackling the all-important testosterone levels. If you’re missing a little of the old spark, or if you’re just gathering some info for future days… Paul has you covered.

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How to increase testosterone

Testosterone is the hormone that literally separates the men from the boys, in fact during puberty, it is the increase in the hormone testosterone that is largely responsible for the transition of a boy into a man.

Science has demonstrated that a high testosterone level can boost athletic performance, increase muscle mass/muscle tone, heighten libido and confidence amongst other desirable benefits. It is therefore of no coincidence that so many men are actively seeking to increase their testosterone levels.

In this article, you will learn 19 Breakthrough Ways Proven To Increase Testosterone (NATURALLY), along with other factors that that can negatively affect testosterone production.

Society is upside-down

In today’s fast paced twenty-four hour commercial world most people never achieve financial freedom and can easily end up living to work in order to live, without ever actually living.  However this “upside-down” lifestyle has many disadvantages; For example, instead of growing food to eat, we generally work to earn the money to buy the food we need to live. In doing so, we are being fed processed foods that have become commercial commodities which provide little in the way of essential and healthy nutrients that sustain life.

Remove BPA to increase testosterone

One huge problem with pre-packaged and processed foods lies in the packaging that contains the food.
Most food packaging is made from plastics that are high in chemicals known as endocrine disruptors. These harmful chemicals can actually lower testosterone. Bisphenol a (BPA) is one of the chemicals found in plastics that is a known endocrine disruptor; In lay terms, BPA mimics the female hormone estrogens which, needless to say, has raised concern about its suitability in food packaging and other consumer products.

Plastics that make bottled water and sports water bottles are also known to contain BPA and other similar chemicals. Furthermore, if microwaving food didn’t degrade your food enough, this also causes the plastics that contain BPA to release larger amounts directly into your food.

Organic soil = more essential nutrients = increased testosterone

Another contributing factor to lower testosterone is top soil degradation. Modern farming techniques that heavily rely on pesticides and other chemicals which degrade the soil means that the foods grown are these “depleted soils” are also depleted of essential nutrients. One essential mineral in particular that humans don’t generally consume enough of is selenium.

For this reason it I strongly suggest that you either grow your own fruits and vegetables or source some that are locally and organically grown. This will most definitely give your body a boost in essential nutrients that in turn will help increase your testosterone.

For a full in-depth list of actionable tips to increase testosterone naturally, check out the below infographic:

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19 ways to increase testosterone infographic


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