Monica’s Weight Loss Update After 2 Months on ‘The Plan’

Monica's Weight Loss Update After 2 Months on 'The Plan'


On March 16, 2019, my wife struck fear deep into the depths of my heart when she said, “Honey – I need help losing this baby weight. I’m starting this weight loss journey and I need your help… Please.”


I wrote about how she had asked for fitness help in the past, I got a little too ‘agro’, and she ultimately quit working out with me for… oh… 7 years after that ‘incident’.


So when she reached out 2 months ago for some help losing the baby weight, I told you all how I was both terrified and excited at the same time.


I’ve worked with folks who’ve lost hundreds of pounds and also managed to lose 65 pounds – forever – myself. So, we had a bag of tricks to pull from… Which was nice.


Well – we came up with a plan and set out to achieve her goals, and now we’re 2 months in. And I thought it’d be a great time for an update


How Dr. Mrs. MikedUp’s weight loss journey is going – 2 months in


(We’ll just call her Monica from here on – ok? Deal)


I’ll give you the per category update first then show you the raw number details…


As a reminder – here were the benchmarks we had set for her at the onset:


First, your starting point and your goals:



  • March 16 – 160 lbs
  • April 15 – 156 lbs
  • May 15 – 152 lbs
  • June 15 – 148 lbs
  • July 15 – 144 lbs
  • August 15 – 140 lbs
  • September 15 – 136 lbs
  • September 30 – 135 lbs



As I’m writing this update, it is currently May 17. But before we give you the juicy number details, let’s talk about how she’s worked toward her goals to this point.



These are the main methods she chose to ultimately achieve her goals – and here’s how she’s doing


1- Control your mindset – Crushing it


The woman is as determined as they come. Once she decides she’s doing something (or not), a-la Regis Philbin you can go ahead and lock it in.


ms kdOIoo


She decided she was on this warpath from the jump and I’m so proud to report that her mindset hasn’t wavered. She is 100% committed.



2- Create a calorie deficit – Crushing it


By using the My Fitness Pal app, she has tracked every single calorie that she’s ingested. By doing so, she opened her eyes to the pros and cons of her previous diet. Then, through educating herself on the fuel she’s giving her body (the food), she has been able to choose which calories are ‘worth it’, which are required nutrients, and which she’d rather do without.


By educating herself on her food options and using the app, she’s been able to create a sustainable calorie deficit.



3- Design your days and meals for success – Crushing it


With the help of on Instagram and some past experiences, we’ve meal prepped all of our lunches and dinners for the past 2 months. 


And while the 2-3 hours of cooking on the weekends aren’t ideal, grabbing some pyrex in the morning for lunch and heating up our dinners rather than cooking them each night is 100% worth the price of admission.


Our meal prepping has helped her cut down on calories and to also eat healthy options throughout the week.



4- Get active at least 3 times per week – Somewhere in the middle


I had perscribed ‘exercise’ 3 times per week and in an honest moment, the busy lives of a mom (of 2), business owner, and an adult woman in 2019 have kept my wife busy throughout these past weeks. Finding time to workout if it’s not your top priority can be incredibly difficult.


I’m proud that’s she’s designated time from her schedule to exercise these past 2 months, but we’re somewhere under 3 times per week (keep this in mind when you see her current weight – below).



5- Take before pictures, only measure your progress on “Goal Days”, and print out your goals – Crushing it


Before pictures are taken (and we’ll see if they’re ever shared…), goals are not printed out but seared into her brain, and she’s been weighing in on Friday’s every week with 2 exceptions.


I asked her not to weigh herself for the first 2 weeks and then stick to a once per week schedule for a few reasons

  • The body needs time to adapt to changes
  • Seeing a low weight loss number can be discouraging
  • Seeing a high weight loss number can provide false hope
  • Weighing yourself at the same time on the same day each week removes many variables (time of day, day of the week, meals eaten, etc.)


I think it was week 6 when she broke protocol and weighed herself at an odd time. Normal weigh-ins are Friday mornings and this was a Thursday evening… After Mexican food.


It was a rough number and consequently a rough night. But then when she weighed herself at the normal time on Friday morning, normalcy returned.


When you remove as many variables as possible, you can see true progress.



6- Increase protein, decrease carbs, work to minimize sugar, and earn your rewards – Crushing it


We were so carb heavy during pregnancy and for a few weeks afterward. In her first 2 weeks on her weight loss journey, we bought 0 loaves of bread, bagels, and tortilla chips…


Alternatively, we grilled out a ton, upped our veggies, and really cut down on sweets. You’ll see if those helped below.



7- Be selfish and don’t sacrifice your goals on this journey – Crushing it


I’m proud of my wife for finding the balance while still remaining selfish on her weight loss journey. She’s made herself a priority without sacrificing the other things that mean the most in her life.


Bravo, sweetheart!



So – How’s her weight loss journey progressing???


Projected vs. Actual

  • March 16 – 160 lbs  
  • April 15 – 156 lbs
  • May 15 – 152 lbs  ||   144.4 lbs!!!!!!!!! 
  • June 15 – 148 lbs
  • July 15 – 144 lbs
  • August 15 – 140 lbs
  • September 15 – 136 lbs
  • September 30 – 135 lbs


We’re so stoked to report that Monica is 7.6 pounds ahead of schedule and a total of 15.6 pounds lost (62.4% of her goal) in only 2 months!!!


She’s earned a 6 out of 7 on the “Crushing it” scale, but you don’t need that to see that she’s making amazing progress!!


Some key takeaways from Monica’s weight loss journey are:

  • You don’t need to exercise frequently to lose weight – but you do need to be active throughout the day (she’s on her feet constantly in the office)
  • You absolutely have to control the food that enters your mouth
  • If you’re 100% committed to your goals, you’ll get 100% of the results you deserve. If you’re 80% committed – you’ll get that in return
  • The quality of your calories also matters, not just the total number


Yet again – I’m crazy proud of my wife. What have you taken from her journey thus far and what would you like to add? (She’d love some kudos in the comments below… ????)


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