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Hi Team!

I’ve heard the cries, and the wondering, and the tears (too far??). I’ve been MIA over the past few weeks and although that will happen from time-to-time, I didn’t give you guys (and gals) a heads-up first. My bad.

Fear not. We have some great stuff coming for you in the weeks ahead!

  • There are posts with some great holiday tips, helping us to stay fit and to only slightly over-eat.
  • I’ve been doing some reading/listening and plan to share with you some great books and podcasts I’ve read/heard over the past few weeks.
  • The financial pillar (for us millennials) series will resume.
  • Remember Jon and Heather? The young millennial couple working their way out of student loan debt… Well, we have an exciting update for you!
  • We have a new guest-blogger to introduce as well.

I’m excited and grateful to have you hear and reading! Talk with you more on Tuesday.


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