The 3 Best Apps to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

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As the boss, you’d be lucky to fit your list of job titles onto a sheet of legal paper, let alone a business card. All of these added responsibilities keep us constantly on the move.


The faith once placed in desktops now pours into our smartphones and the shiny, task-completing apps they house. But with all those products in the app storefront, it’s hard to know which to trust.


No worries, we’ve got you covered.


Here are The Best 3 Apps to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly: 


#3) Evernote


This is the app to get thoughts out of your brain, onto a virtual note, then out to your team.


With Evernote’s ability to sync multiple devices, the morning jog won’t end in a competition for blood-flow between brain and muscles while you try to remember every word of that perfect sentence. Just open the app and make a note… Then finish the run.


Evernote’s enhanced search function helps you organize notes and find specific words within text or pictures. Plus, your ability to share notebooks with multiple individuals makes collaboration a breeze.


The best part? Evernote’s basic plan gets you started for free, including 60 MB of monthly uploads.


#2) MailChimp


With a great variety of easily customizable templates, MailChimp presents your touch in customer emails. Not just a pretty email, the integrated platform puts customers one click away from your website or Facebook page.


While MailChimp tracks which links get the best conversion rates, sales campaigns are fine tuned to give the customer exactly what they want. And you’re never off the grid with automated responses.


This enhanced customer experience is free to you, as basic plans include up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails a month.


#1) PayPal


As the gold standard for modern financial transactions, PayPal is the secure way earn, spend, and transfer your company’s cash. Linking bank accounts and credit cards to your PayPal account makes any transaction possible.


Sales are made easily from cards or other PayPal accounts via your website, but PayPal isn’t exclusively for your virtual store. With the new mobile card reader, payments can be made in person on your tablet or smartphone.


There’s more to business than accepting payment. For that, PayPal gives you a secure and efficient method to pay employees operating across the globe. Now you can recruit the best from anywhere.


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